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How to Use

How to Use the Bed Bridge

1. Lay the two single beds or mattresses.

2. Place the Neolavish bed bridge between the two single beds to fill the gap.

Note: If one or both mattresses have the function of rising and changing positions, side by side, do not put the strap.

3. Expand the strap and run it around the two mattresses.

4. Insert the strap between the elastic band (choose one of the two holes).

Remember that the bed bridge should be taut.

5. Put the strap through the metal buckle.

6. Make sure the mattresses are tightly squeezed together and should not move.

7. Prepare the bed.

How to Pack the Bed Bridge

1. Unfasten the strap and roll it up.

2. Remove the bed bridge from the bed.

3. Put both the bed bridge and the strap in the package.

4. Separate the two mattresses or beds.

5. Store the package safely in a dry place.